code+cms by Mikołaj Bazaczek /


Devlope the existing medical center by adding a third flank; optimal use of the plot space potential


Maximal length and functional width of the plan, limited by the restrictions of minimal distance from the fire lane. The arcade at the end preseves from the impression of the tight space in the corner of the plot. Retracted ground elevations add dynamics and lightweight to the whole volume. 
Rooms at the south side were given a hollow balconies, allowing patients to rest in the sun and protect from the interior overheating. Rooms at the north side, are fit out with large, double-chamber windows, dedicated for the lying patients, sensitive to the direct sunlight.
Very simple volume, characterized by interesting construction and dynamic proportions. Lack of  unnecessary details guarantees proper executive works. The decent effect is build by natural materials on the elevations. This kind of aproach towards the project gives a huge chance for the bulding to preserve its aesthetic strength in realisation process as it is in the concept stage.