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11111 days in good shape.

Pracownia 111 is an ambitious Polish architectural brand founded in 2010. Main goal: working on high-quality, honest architecture. We do not reject avant-garde and bold composition - but we always respect the value of common space.

Architecture is realisation - not visualisation. What makes our team strong is the combination of youthful creativity, essential in conceptual work, with experience, bringing real potential to our ideas.


Let's differ nicely!

We take up all challenges arising from the need for good design with unchanged enthusiasm for years. We are not fighting for scale, but for quality - both in the business field and in the creative sense. Each order is a priority for us, we try to refine each project in 111%. We are looking for conscious investors who expect creativity and know the real value of a diligently conducted design process.

We can also sell fast projects at dumped prices - we have a rich collection of literature and a photocopying machine. However, manufacturers that are more effective than us already operate in this field - so we loyally refer buyers to better ones.


We run a fascinating business. Preferably - for profit.

We are neither cheap nor expensive. We want to do a good job and we value it fairly. We work on legal software, financed from EU structural funds.

We do not make quick "by meter" pricing and we do not pull amounts out of the hat. The measure of the value of a task is its real labor consumption. We determine this amount using the fee regulations, authorized by the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland. As part of the valuation, the investor always receives a detailed calculation of individual stages of design work, detailing all options.